Lawyer = Liar?

August 13, 2008 at 8:45 am Leave a comment

A few days back then I met this wonderful girl who interestingly despise the idea of being a lawyer and or politician.. common argument as she said that lawyers always defend bad guys, vulnerable for corruption, and get rich by exploiting people’s that are already in deep shit troubles..

ehm… prejudice hurts doesnt it as people like me are looking forward to the job. I’d like to clarify few things that I know about being a lawyer and please dont assume I’m already a lawyer, I might be wrong but I like to see it this way..

Lawyers or attorney is a position designated to ensure law and order in other word justice. In all system of criminal law for instance, it design the proceedings to result an fair verdict by putting the prosecutor and attorney against each other. The prosecutor will defend the public interest/law that has been breach and attorney will defend the suspect. The resultant of the rhetoric process of debate between the two is then claimed as justice. Strengthen by the hammer of the judge or jury.

What I’m trying to say is that in every position you are in the proceeding, be you are the convicted or the prosecutor, the public interest is that every individual is not obstructed from rights given to them by law. That’s why lawyer exist, to ensure the implementation of the law to its client is free from other interest but justice. Lawyers defend the rights given by law to the defendant, not necessarily the defendants believes and crimes.

In a simple word, lawyers ensure the defendant to win fair or lose fair in the proceedings. Some people may think that its a dirty job, but y know, somebody has to do it.


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