half full or half empty?

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Its common paradigm to see something, a paradigm of skepticism and positiveness. Well this post will continue the story of agony of love. Why does this paradigm relevant? its simply because it determines which time frame u want to cherish or condemn. Cherish the fact that We’ve spent every 23 days to meet each other since we got together or condemn that she’ll be gone for 712 days 9000 miles away in freakin France. 23 days versus 712 days. That’s like seeing Chris Jon vs Mike Tyson.. Any reasonable person will say that is beyond comparison.

But I guess love and hope is not something to reason. Its something that can not be taken away from us, not even by reason. And good things never dies. hence, I think I want to be gratitude to every day, every minute in 23 days I’ve spent with her. The splash in Solo 1, the ballet under the moonlight, the boring movie box, the delicious food in Solo, our long drive to solo, every second in the stoplight. U guys wouldn’t understand that being with her reminds me of every love songs. “isn’t she lovely, isn’t she wonderful (Stevie wonder)” every moment tells a story and I think that’s going to be enough to keep my mind occupied waiting for 712 days.

I’m not a descent man, and I’m still wondering till this very moment what does she see in me. But I guess, her memory will keep me from crossing back again to my dark times when all I know is competing, drinking, and score girls. Loosing her and seing her gone is painfull and the agony is blistering and devastating like the first Nazi attack to Polland. Knowing that she’s gone maybe will suck all of my energy to live and love and feels like I dont want to wake from bed anymore. Its pain but I just feel so alive. Just like the songs in Iris “u bleed just to know ur alive” . I feel so alive and will keep The memory of hers as a reminder for me to have a self respect to myself and more than that.. a mere hope. Maybe someday, we’ll be stranger by the day and yet I prefer to get down on my knees and thank god that I’m among the luckiest man alive to be touch by an angel.

Babe – Styx

Babe, you’re leaving, you must be on my way
The time is drawing near
Your train is going, can u see it in my eyes
The love, the need, my tears
But Ill be lonely without you
And Ill need your love to see me through
Please believe me, my heart is in your hands
And Ill be missing you.

You know its you babe
Whenever I get weary and Ive had enough
Feel like giving up
You know its you babe
Giving me the courage and the strength I need
Please believe that its true
Babe, I love you.

Babe, Im leaving, Ill say it once again
Somehow try to smile
I know the feeling were trying to forget
If only for a while


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The agony of love.. Konsumerisme Ramadhan

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