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As y might all have know that I am leaving for Paris very soon in 1st sept. I have been starting to move out from my place since a week ago, transporting bit by bit every  single stuff that I own. My adult magz (FHM, which I bought 3 years ago, in which I’m still confused why do I want to spend 35 thousand IDR for a mediocre women pict), tennis racket, books, clothes, desk, computers, monitors, it was all 3 big box and 3 enormous luggage.. gee, I feel like Paris Hilton with all of this stuff. We never know what we have until we move out, I guess..

What makes this day different is that I’m taking out my last piece out from the house, my bed. My room is empty know.. it feels different, somekind of feeling of lost, feeling of emptyness, homelessness. I had a very great times, living 4 months in this place. I have this window with a view, got internet, basically I got everthing I need in that place. Most importantly friends.

The house is inhabited by 5 ugly maggots, me, ADI, ADIT, NANDA, HERU. We’ve known each other for like the last two-three years, but it just feels like we have known each other forever. Adit used to describe the political relationship in the house. ADIT is like the US, he’s literally big, has all the rich boys toys (and I’m talking about big fat screen monitor, high end computer which I think has the ability to crack into the CIA, now a professional camera CANON DSLR 500,). Pretty much like the US with their gigantous carrier, f-16, ABRAMS, etc. U get the picture dont y.

Myself is the great britain. Not because I look like, as rich as, or talk like Prince Charles (In which I do hope so), but more or less because me and Adit are partners in crime. We went  to WUDC in Ireland and been through lots of shit. We continously work on several projects together also such as WSDC trainings, NUEDC, translating. Anything that produce money.. hehehehe… oh yeah, i forget we are also team mates in founders trophy.  I cant describe myself, since that would be impaired. So I’ll leave it up to my mates, but if I may predict its gonna be an endless crime record.

And there is HERU Pamungkas. He is ISRAEL. No he’s not a jewish born or rabi looklike. Its because me and ADIT will justify whatever he do, including crimes againts humanity or warcrimes (in which in this extend that would mean burning Pak RT’s house). And HERU is also quite a handy person to be with, in a sense if y get yourself a trouble in need to find a screwdriver to get a bouncer, HERU is the person y should talk to. He knows everybody in town who can get your problems fixed. Even doing your dirty work.. hehehe.. (Don Corleone soundslike).

And there is Ivan Gunawan like, big tall but.. y know.. ADI. He is what we called as FRANCE. The big old movreau that is flexible in utility. I mean, if we need him we hug him if we dont neeed him we kick him. Hehehehe. ADI is a straight forward and honest person, very fun to be with. However with his ability of speaking dutch, sometimes if he ordered sumthing in place to eat for instance, with his stringent tone of voice  y will get this feeling of the Dutch is coming back to invade us.  He likes to clean things up, keeping everything green, human and environmentally safe. Just like France in Kyoto Protocol.  In which why the US and UK needs him, they trash and FRANCE  will clean it.

And the Last and Least is Nanda which represents PALESTINE. He is the youngest in the house and most of the time do some irrational things. In which why he is very prone to violation. Four of us mock him all of the time, and its fun. Hehe… sorry nda. Its not that we hate u nda, u know how the worlds work: US, UK, and ISRAEL are stomping down at PALESTINE.. shit just happens sometimes. I dont think anyone would forget the night that Nanda was missing.  We all accused each other being his related brother, and anyone will deny the accusation like a thousands dollars/hour lawyer. My personal opinion, ADI is Nanda’s brother. They got separated a long time ago in the hospital and meet again after long years (sinetron). But the last days I move out, Nanda is improvng. He actually went to his classes, clean up his room (believe me its something bizarre for a guy like Nanda), and take out the trash. Gee, I think the devils has laid nest in our place and posessed him.

And there are other dearest FRIENDS from Universitas Mana Yaa? (UMY) which will require a whole post of it self to tell the good stories of them..


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Home Kemesraan ini by Iwan Falz..

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  • 1. Catherine  |  September 13, 2009 at 8:04 pm

    Nice post, Sani… U must miss them all a lot.

    • 2. muhinsan  |  October 2, 2009 at 3:34 am

      I wouldn say miss them.. just u know.. 🙂

  • 3. Catherine  |  September 24, 2009 at 1:02 pm

    How sweet,Sani!

  • 4. m  |  July 6, 2010 at 9:51 am

    oh probably i’m too cheap, though i found this blog coincidentally i like this post,
    making me laugh at drain!

  • 5. muhinsan  |  July 6, 2010 at 10:16 am

    well, thank you..


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