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Obama: seeking support

July 24 (Bloomberg) — Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama made a predawn visit to Jerusalem’s Western Wall, a symbolic gesture that capped off his trip to Israel where he repeatedly stressed his commitment to the country’s security.

The Illinois senator, who later departed for Germany, used his visit to Israel to reassure the country’s leaders and Jewish voters in the U.S. that his policies aren’t unduly pro- Palestinian. He met yesterday with Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert, Defense Minister Ehud Barak and Benjamin Netanyahu, the leader of the opposition Likud Party, and toured the Yad Vashem holocaust memorial. (Bloomberg)

Sir and Madam,

Sadly, while we all are captivated with his charm and jargon of “Change we can Believe in”, as action speaks louder than words we can say that US Foreign Policy is not going to change favoring for a more peace and fair international relation. In his visit to Israel, his commitment to Kiss Israel ass’es is compelling more than ever. It proves ones again that Jewish Lobby is still almighty in the capitol hill. Be the candidate is Republican or Democrat, their Lobby care less. My first verdict is as jewish lobby is flood with money has meet with Obama’s need to fund his most expensive presidential campaign in the US History.



July 27, 2008 at 8:20 am 2 comments

The Population control..

The picture we are showing in above is a critics from the economist for Hugo Chavez policy in silencing the opposition media. But my friend, lets not go too deep in the debate in those far land of latin America, frankly I dont care is he a lefties, the heir of fidel castro, or che guevara..

The most noticibly concern is that Hugo Chavez has awareness in growing role of media in the modern society these days. The growing habit is that Metropolitan people perceive  morning newspaper to accompany their breakfast is a form of necessity and guess what they trust whatever those morning newspaper is saying.. just because they thought that the media is entertaining them with mere facts..

my question is… is it a mere fact? or does the media is trying to steer its audience. I go with the later. Let me bring you the most latest incident in Indonesia. After only a week the government raise the price of gas, there was an incident between FPI (Islamic Defence Front) and mass organization called AKBB (the Alliance for Religious Harmony in Indonesia Aliansi kebebasan Umat beragama) I anylize 11 different newspaper and everyone of them suddenly change the issu from oil to this small skirmish, not to mention every news is undercutting FPI except Republika. One week after they finish sucking up the issue, they (the media) blows up an old fashion issue of Islamic sects of Ahmadiyah. They facilitate public debate and warming up the public. creating pro’s and con’s. A week after they soak the issue, then they turn back to stab good names of politican such as AMien Rais and SYafiie Maarif. ANd accused them as supporters of Ahmadiyah. While as a matter of fact, those politican sign up with AKBB just because they are inform that this pact will be a mile stone for religious harmony.. not anything about ahmadiyah.. the blows up from the media has create a public agony.. and people are forgetting that living cost is stranggeling and killing..

After a week, in media we see student protesting the rise of oil by violence movement. I put my life on it that those people who protest in that streets is aint students. They’re actors who are paid to set the image of protesting students as vigourous and brutal people in society. Therefor, the other part of our society perceive that being a good citizen is taking the beating and shut up..

Control the media control the population. thats the slogan nowdays democrasy should use. They say that media is the watch dog of democracy. With the assumption that it will bark for any government missbehave. In todays era, we have learn that media has evolve. it has become a guard dog for the reigning government. and who nows when it will become a circus dog.. Nevertheless lets give the standing applause for SBY’s creative team – RIzal Malarangeng who maid all this humpty dumpty population control a success and putting SBY in top of the popularity poll.. so my friend, if you miss a newspaper for about a week lets not make too much  a fuss about it, u havent miss that much really.. as for me, I read news and mumbling what lies are they selling today…

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FPI & Me…


Beberpa hari yang lalu saya dan ayah  berdiskusi mengenai sebuah buku berjudul “Lebih Tajam Daripada Pedang”. Buku itu ditulis oleh seorang Kristen dan mencerittakan mengenai gerakan-gerakan nir-kekerasan di seberbagai belahan dunia. dimana Kekuatan paling besar adalah kekuatan tanpa kekerasan. Hal ini sudah dipraktekkan oleh Nabi Muhammad, Isa, Husein, Ghandi.

Dan anehnya tokoh yang paling ditonjolkan pada masa itu adalah Muhammad. Tentu kita ingat bagaimana penaklukkan Mekkah yang tidak meneteskan setetes darah pun. Kalau istilah orang Jawa “Menang Tanpa Ngasorake” (artinya Menang tanpa merendahkan) Kita juga ingat betapa Rasullullah mempunyai adab dalam berperang yang tetap melindungi wanita, anak2, orang tua, sipil, bahkan Rasulullah mengharamkan merusak pepohonan dalam perang. Dalam perang badar, dimana pasukan Rasullulah yang berjumlah 600 orang melawan 27 orang kafir quraisy, rasullulah berkata kepada pasukannya kurang lebih: sesungguhnya pertolongan Allah itu dekat, dan niscaya Allah akan menolong kamu semua. Tapi ingatlah bahwa pertolongan Allah itu datang bukan karena kalian berperang dengan gagah perkasa namun karena Allah mencintai kaum dhuafa dan orang2 tertindas lainnya yang kalian bela. Peperangan itu sendiri dilakukan di tempat bernama Badar yang jaraknya 213km dari Madinah, Rasullullah memilih tempat ini dengan pertimbangan jika pasukannya hancur, kota madinah masih akan terselmatkan dari kehancuran.
Rasulullah kemudian menyendiri dan berdoa ya Allah, aku ikhlas jika Engkau musnahkan pasukanmu, aku ikhlas jika engkau hinakan aku, dan aku ikhlas jika cahaya agama Mu padam dari muka bumi ini, Asalkan Engkau tidak murka kepada ku.Dalam kontekFPI, kekerasan yang kita lihat di TV tidak dapat dibenarkan apapun alasannya. Apakah hanya karena alasan bahwa organisasi yang diserang adalah organisasi yang provokatif membela Ahmadiyah? Membela Liberalisme, membela kepentingan Amerika? dll? KEtika rasullullah berdakwah, tidak hanya provokasi yang diterima oleh Rasul, dilempari tahi unta oleh SUku Badui, diancam pembunuhan oleh Bani Quraisy dsb. APakah Rasullullah mengamuk ketika memasuki Mekkah dengan pasukannya? memukuli wanita, warga sipil, anak2, secara membabi buta? sama sekali tidak!

Anggota FPI hanya organisasi preman berkedok Islam. Sama sekali tidak mencontoh adab Rasullullah. dan thesis awal saya adalah mereka sudah membuat murka allah..
Oleh karena itu benar lah thesis “Lebih Tajam dari Pedang: adalah terjemahan dari sunnah Rasul FItnah Lebih Kejam dari Pembunuhan” Perbuatan FPI adalah sebuah fitnah terhadap agama Islam, adalah fitnah bahwa Islam menegakkan agama dengan kekerasan. Sesuai thesis film fitna yang dibuat oleh politisi belanda. Perbuatan itu tidak hanya melukai / membunuh nyawa, namun telah memudarkan cahaya Islam itu sendiri.

dari Jogja

June 9, 2008 at 3:39 am 1 comment

The Pointless War

Recently, in a press release, U.S. President Bush and his Top Generals admitted their mistake in making policies in Iraq. Much to the world’s surprise, he said his mistake was that he had insufficient numbers of troops in Iraq. Therefore, his intentions were to deploy more troops in Iraq, one reason among the others was to fight the existing sectarianism.

U.S. initial reason in holding military operations in Iraq was due to the assumed existence of weapons of mass destruction. The focus has undoubtedly changed since then, leaving the world nonplussed (?). This brings the U.S. in a problematic position of whether it must maintain its ‘obligation’ to enforce security in Iraq or not. I (Sani) think that since the justification of the intervention itself was not even passed through a U.N resolution, this ‘obligation’ in the first place did not exist. It is to say that the U.S. must withdraw from Iraq as soon as possible.

This is why I see a harsh form of action is needed. We would like to propose to the House that the U.S. troops shall be pulled out of Iraq. We don’t agree with Bush’s definition of mistake. We believe that since firsthand, the strategy that the U.S. took in breaching the non-intervention policy was wrong, and that mistake has now crossed the border definition of acceptance: they are there for no more particular reason, even more a reason for intervention.

There is a reason why people uphold diplomacy all around the world, because negotiation is always, in many ways, the way to go compared to confrontation. We have witnessed many people died because of war, not only soldiers, but civilians, women and children died because of war. This is exactly what happened in Iraq. Thousands of people died, families were torn apart. These are people who really pay the cost, not that politicians sitting in the Oval Room for nothing. That is exactly the reason why team government (?) is here today, because we simply fail to see any reason since the U.S. deployment triggered the war, to start the long list of casualties. Saddam Hussein was perhaps in many ways a criminal to his society, but even after his death sentence, the U.S. is still there. Saddam might have been a terror, but a terror for who? The world? Never had it been proved that he actually had WMDs.

Now the U.S. is fighting against sectarianism in Iraq, but isn’t that an internal problem? It is something that the newly appointed Iraqi government should handle well. American controversial justification to enter Iraq was a global threat, and even though that takes process through the U.N. Security Council (nevertheless the U.S. went barging in), sectarianism is only a threat to each other. That’s a whole different situation. Again, since there is no more reason to justify its existence, U.S. troops should be pulled out of Iraq. Let Iraqis rebuild their country, something that will never happen if the U.S. is still there. Over 100.000 Iraqi casualties, and over 5.000 US soldiers dead, all for a vague reason. We simply don’t want to add to the list, because we’re paying to much, for a fruit we can never eat.

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