half full or half empty?

Its common paradigm to see something, a paradigm of skepticism and positiveness. Well this post will continue the story of agony of love. Why does this paradigm relevant? its simply because it determines which time frame u want to cherish or condemn. Cherish the fact that We’ve spent every 23 days to meet each other since we got together or condemn that she’ll be gone for 712 days 9000 miles away in freakin France. 23 days versus 712 days. That’s like seeing Chris Jon vs Mike Tyson.. Any reasonable person will say that is beyond comparison.

But I guess love and hope is not something to reason. (more…)


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The agony of love..


I am writing this on a train leaving for Jakarta..

The story that is about to be entertain in this blog is regarding a everyday love actually melodramatic scene that u probably have seen in the everyday soap opera or sinetron. so feel free to skip

She’s my senior actually and we’ve known each other for about three years. We’ve been working together in several projects and our feelings has actually groom within those years, an I never know until now. Shortly, we’ve not expected that one has feeling over another. And suddenly.. (more…)

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Lawyer = Liar?

A few days back then I met this wonderful girl who interestingly despise the idea of being a lawyer and or politician.. common argument as she said that lawyers always defend bad guys, vulnerable for corruption, and get rich by exploiting people’s that are already in deep shit troubles..

ehm… prejudice hurts doesnt it as people like me are looking forward to the job. I’d like to clarify few things that I know about being a lawyer and please dont assume I’m already a lawyer, I might be wrong but I like to see it this way.. (more…)

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Obama: seeking support

July 24 (Bloomberg) — Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama made a predawn visit to Jerusalem’s Western Wall, a symbolic gesture that capped off his trip to Israel where he repeatedly stressed his commitment to the country’s security.

The Illinois senator, who later departed for Germany, used his visit to Israel to reassure the country’s leaders and Jewish voters in the U.S. that his policies aren’t unduly pro- Palestinian. He met yesterday with Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert, Defense Minister Ehud Barak and Benjamin Netanyahu, the leader of the opposition Likud Party, and toured the Yad Vashem holocaust memorial. (Bloomberg)

Sir and Madam,

Sadly, while we all are captivated with his charm and jargon of “Change we can Believe in”, as action speaks louder than words we can say that US Foreign Policy is not going to change favoring for a more peace and fair international relation. In his visit to Israel, his commitment to Kiss Israel ass’es is compelling more than ever. It proves ones again that Jewish Lobby is still almighty in the capitol hill. Be the candidate is Republican or Democrat, their Lobby care less. My first verdict is as jewish lobby is flood with money has meet with Obama’s need to fund his most expensive presidential campaign in the US History.


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its a case Bleeding

Cibiran atas kota nekropolis

Dengan selokan mampet, kumuh, dan nyamuk. Hanya itu yang ada di benakku tentang kota Semarang. Entah darimana bayangan itu menkooptasi pikiranku. Entah karena teringang lagu jawa semarang kaline banjir atau de javu. Bayangan itu sontak pudar setelah kuinjakkan jejakku di kota semarang yang berbukit. Tak habis pikir bagiku mengapa bule-bule kumpeni membangun sebuah kota di daerah yang mempunyai tektur topografi berbukit-bukit. Setelah tinggal di sebuah cottage diatas bukit dimana aku selalu bisa menyapukan pandangan pada bentangan luasnya kota hingga kulihat samar biru laut baru kunikmati pilihan lokasi para kumpeni itu. Belanda memang cerdas. Pantas saja dulu bisa menjajah kita. Kunjunganku ke semarang tak lain sebagai penghakim di sebuah pertarungan antar para pendekar di sebuah padepokan jauh di ujung kota semarang.

sampai hari itu. (more…)

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Kata-kata Mutiara


Saya paling suka mengingat-ingat kata-kata mutiara yang pernah disampaikan oleh orang-orang besar. ini karena dalam kalimat-kalimat tersebut seringkali mengandung makna yang luar biasa dan bisa membangkitkan semangat ketika saya sedang kalah, murung, malas, dan menyerah.. jadi di postingan ini saya ingin menginventarisir kata-kata mutiara dan saya harap temen bisa menambahi.. otre? sipp dah

  1. Live free or Die Hard (John McClaine)
  2. Bermimpilah dan Tuhan akan Memeluk Mimpimu (Arai)
  3. Tertawalah dan Dunia akan tertawa bersama mu, bersedihlah dan kamu akan bersedih sendirian (Andrea Hirata)
  4. Jika kamu Keras pada dirimu sendiri dunia akan Lunak pada mu. Jika kamu Lunak pada dirimu sendiri maka Dunia akan Keras padamu (Andrian Wongso)
  5. If You’re going through hell…. Keep Going (Winston Churchil)
  6. Warriors is people who rise from the ashes of defeat (my self)
  7. Work hard, Play Harder (anonym)
  8. I Shall Return… (Gen. McArthur after defeat in Pasific Front)
  9. Impossible is Nothing… (Adidas)
  10. Aku mengharapkan perbaikan semampuku. Tiada Keberhasilanku, keducali dengan pertolongan Allah. Kepada-Nya Aku berserah diri, dan kepada-Nya pula aku akan kembali” Al-Quran X!-88
  11. Sesungguhnya sesudah kesulitan itu ada kemudahan (Al- Quran 94:6)
  12. Allah tidak membebani seseorang melainkan sesuai dengan kesanggupannya (Al-Quran 2:286)
  13. “”No one FALLS IN LOVE by CHOICE, it is by CHANCE. No one STAYS IN LOVE by CHANCE, it is by WORK. And no one FALLS OUT OF LOVE by CHANCE, it is by CHOICE” (Anonim)

Whats yours?

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Kick Racism from Indonesia…

FIFA has long declare to kick racism from Football and bit by bit they are succeeding in removing racial barrier and racial stereotyping from football..

Believe it or not, in this plural culture of Indonesia racism lives around us.. sadly Indonesian people worship it in their many hours of TV ads, TV drama, etc. And yet we call our self bhineka tunggal ika. Let me show you why. In TV adv, have you notice how much Adv is selling whitening products? Dozen of it, my friend. from Lux whitening, Ponds skin care, Nivea whitening, Tje Fuk, so on and so on.. All with the same Doctrine “Paint your skin white before u fall in love” its sick isn’t? why I called it sick, its because naturally Indonesian skins is aint white ladies and gentleman… our natural skin tone as an indo – malayan race are sweet sexy brown or in indonesian we called it Sawo Matang. It is true, however, that some tribes does have white skin tone.. but who says we should define beauty by staying white? (more…)

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